One of my pet peeves in life is waiting in line. It has to do, I think, with a larger part of me that doesn’t like time wasters – the kind that waste my time when I’m trying to get something accomplished. Oh, I can mitigate this somewhat by bringing my web enabled cell phone with me, or if I’m really expecting a long wait, my iPod. Or I can try striking up a conversation with someone else in line. Then who knows? Maybe I can get a lead out of the line!

Retail establishments and other organizations with waiting lines often spend lots of effort and money developing ways to make their lines move faster. This is ok – a moving line is always better than a line that only nudges every few minutes.

What about accepting that there will be lines and just doing something to make the time in line more enjoyable? That’s exactly what one of the local Bank of America branches near me has done. Banks often have the worst lines. Not all teller transactions are equal and some of them seem to take enormous amounts of time.

This Bank of America branch simply put up a few large flat screen TV monitors, mounted at near eye level in various places so that you could see the TV from any point in line. It was not that elaborate – I would say the screens were basic 25 or 27 inch models piping a cooking channel from cable or satellite. But it was just a ‘little thing’ that made my trip to the bank less un-enjoyable. Plus I got a great idea for a no-crust, no-bake pumpkin pie!


A friend told me about Yoli a few weeks ago. Yoli’s products are called “blast caps”. The idea is you fill a certain sized beverage bottle with water, attach the blast cap to the top, press — and enjoy! The caps ‘explodes’ into the water creating a drink. The formulation is a proprietary blend with low sugar. It seems at this point, they have only one product.

The compensation plan is a ‘hybrid’ unilevel and binary. They do make a fair bit of detail on their comp plan available to public viewing on their site. Is Yoli just another juice MLM or is it something different?

Well obviously its blast cap features are unique. I don’t know of any other product that delivers like that. Most juices come pre made and all you do is open them. Or else they are a mix and you do the measuring and mixing yourself.

While Yoli blast caps certainly look fun, I have to ask myself how long will this last? How long before the ‘novelty’ factor wears off? How soon will people get unexcited by the blast cap? How long before people get tired of using a custom made bottle to attach a custom made cap to? How long before someone else comes along with something similar and/or better?

While Yoli has other things going for it (for example it is sweetened with Stevia Reb-A a newer plant based sweetener), I have to wonder if it will survive in an already crowded juice and beverage marketplace.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted this question because I was curious: Will Yoli Blast Caps fit on any bottle? If not, why not?. One gentleman by the name of Jim Bishop responded and said “Because the cap is a certain size (Same as Vitamin Water), so it does fit other bottles but only one size.” So I guess that means you can re-use those Vitamin Water bottles too. One thing that was fascinating was that as a result of that one tweet, I got a whole bunch of Yoli Twitter followers.

That along with buzz I’ve been hearing leads me to think that Yoli has a lot of pre-launch hype. Yes like the Donald Trump Network, it hasn’t even launched yet. So it’s a bit of wait and see for me. In the meantime it does look fun and it looks like something kids will like too. Not to mention the inner kid in me!

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Or I should say look who’s #18. Inc Magazine recently published their “Top 500 fasted growing company” list. You can view the entire list here. There is a Network Marketing company in the top 20 of this prestigious list. Can you guess which one? Hint: It’s number in the food and beverage category.

MonaVie! Congrads to MonaVie teams.

Some other honorable mentions:

Send Out Cards at 158
5Links at 274

I could find no other network marketing companies in the Top 500. Of course I only browsed the list which requires that I know of the company (there are no flags that say “this is a network marketing company”). Hardly very scientific – there may very well be other network marketing companies hiding in there that I don’t know about. Check it out and let me know if you spot any others.

But that aside, it’s good to see some growth among network marketing companies. This list is based entirely on business growth and any business that is growing these days deserves some recognition. Most of the more established, well known network marketing companies did not make the list. You won’t find Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Arbonne, USANA, Melaleuca, Forever Living and most of the top are missing from this list.

Does that mean these more established aren’t doing as well as they should be? No, that is not what that means. Well established that are not on this list simply because they are not experiencing the kind of exponential growth that a newer growing company might experience. This list is also restricted to privately held companies. A lot of the more established network marketing companies (like the many of the ones mentioned above) have gone public. Check it out!

The INC 500/5000 List

Summer is nearly over. Are those sighs I hear? Well it’s true. Labor Day is only a little more than a week away and that seems to be the unofficial end of summer. Ok so it’s time get back to work. Know what else is new?

8/31/09 marks the end of the line for free for all Voice Broadcasting. Voice Broadcasting is a system that lets you blast a short message out of as many folks as you want (and can afford since they charge by the minute). You have probably been the recipient of one of these calls. On 9/1/09, the rules change thanks to the FTC.

Gov’t addresses robocall annoyance with new ban

Starting 9/1 Voice Broadcasters will no longer be able to blanket ‘blast’ messages out to leads unless you have their express permission. It will become a lot like email; where they recipient must “opt in” to receive any Voice Broadcasts. Certain things are exempted like fundraisers and surveys. This is mainly aimed at people trying to sell something via this method.

I was using Voice Broadcasting earlier on, but began to wind that practice down when this ruling was announced last year. Frankly there are better ways to reach people than blasting messages onto their phone. It’s sort of like throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

If you are involved in this practice for network marketing leads, you may want to wind it down before 9/1/09.

Well this isn’t about Network Marketing directly, but it shows how low corporations have sunk into ‘procedures’ and why you can’t stand up for what you believe in with a J O B. A man came in to rob a Seattle branch of Key Bank. The Teller (Jim Nicholson) not only confronted the criminal but chased him to the ground. Prevented a robbery. What does Key Bank do? Fire him for not following standard operating procedures. The procedures call for just handing over the money. Full story linked below.

I think the worst that should have happened here, considering the procedure issue, was maybe to write him up or something but to fire him? This is like sending a message out to all would-be bank robbers: Come rob Key Bank! We’re easy to rob! Shame on you Key Bank for enabling crime with this message.

And the spokesperson for Key Bank, Anne Foster refused to comment. Hmm. I feel bad for this guy, but it is a reminder that when you work for a corporation, you cannot be yourself for at least 40 hours per week. This is a reminder to me why I quit corporate America.

Bank teller foils holdup, nabs suspect — loses job

There’s a lot of “Buzz” right now about Buzzirk Mobile. It’s supposed to be a cellular phone service that will let you use it to gain access to the internet via your computer. So the idea is that it’s one solution for your phone and internet service. Most people have two solutions for that. This technology as I understand is already somewhat available and is called tethering.

But I see several issues with Buzzirk. First is that announced they were ‘launching’ on July 1st. But apparently that launch only meant launching the company not the product. Second they seem to lack officers on their board.

Four positions and two people occupying two positions (here)? And their voice mail is full according to various complaints at this site. I take that site with a grain of salt, but so far I’m not sure this company is “Buzz” worthy.

When you’re on a call, you probably have a set of question you ask. I have some open ended questions that I ask in order to find out more about my prospects. One such question is “Have you ever been involved in a home business before?”. If the prospect has, I will almost certainly find out whether or not he/she has had any previous exposure to network marketing. And from those conversations, you can find out what kind of experience it was for them.

A dream prospect will be one who is involved in a network marketing company already and has an existing large team already built. Perhaps looking for a 2nd option and this type of prospect can built your organization very quickly. Those don’t come around that often however, and for most people you will have to judge their ‘team building’ capacity. You can’t always tell for sure because some people talk a big talk and then never take any action. But lately I have been making a point to aim for team builders and it’s beginning to pay off for me.

The subject of working the warm market is talked about a lot in network marketing circles. Working the warm market to get prospects is a somewhat controversial way to build a business. There are those of us who believe working a warm market has many problems; not the least of which is a lot of wasted time. Then there are those old schoolers that still believe a warm market will be a way to get people into your business because they are easier to talk to. A warm market is made up of those people around you. I break the warm market down into 3 categories: family, friends/acquaintances, and strangers.

In this post, I’ll talk about the family part. Family are those people that are closest to us; related to us either by lineage or marriage. Most people with any sense avoid the family connection. Even supporters of the warm market often avoid selling the business or product to the family. Family members are perhaps too sensitive to sell. After all, who wants to ruin a family relationship with a business opportunity. Family relationship are close and it’s not like you just walk away from them if the proposition does not work out.

In casual family conversations, the subject what you do for a living often comes up. That’s is one opportunity where you can introduce it to a family member. If they are interested you can hopefully tell. If they are not, you just move on. But the family as a warm market has one major problem; it’s a tiny market. Even if you belong to a large family, it’s a very limited group of people and you can’t go that far with it directly (unless your family is a bunch of go getters). So forget the family as a warm market!

In the next post, I’ll look at the friends and acquaintances group. In the meantime, looking for information on selecting a good network marketing opportunity? Download your free copy of How to Select the Perfect Network Marketing Company – and enjoy!

Years ago my doctor told me I should take supplemental B12. But oral B12 supplements don’t work, he said, unless they are sublingual. Sublingual B-12 supplements are not pills you swallow – you stick them under your tongue and let them dissolve. The idea is that vitamin B12 cannot be absorbed well in the digestive system so it’s best absorbed by the glands under your tongue.

So over the years I have been continually in search of a good source of Sublingual Vitamin B12. I have grown discontented over the vitamin stores which seem to carry a hodge-podge of different brands – some of which look like they’ve been sitting around for a while. I got tired of getting them home to find them stale (even though they were within their stamped freshness date).

So that eventually brought me around to TriVita. If you Google “Sublingual B-12” you will find them listed so I thought : Ok let me give them a try. I knew they are a network marketing company and decided to put their product to the test. So I scoured the forums for a rep and clicked on her link, then bought a one month supply of their Super Sublingual B-12.

One of the things you look for in a network marketing company to determine if it’s legitimate is how the product is purchased. If you can purchase the product without a lot of hoop-la about the opportunity and the product stands on its own merit, then it’s probably a legit network marketing company. This was the case with TriVita.

I was pleasantly surprised by TriVita. Not only was the delivery fast with plenty of communication about tracking information, but the product was fresh. And there was plenty of literature that came with the product – a ‘welcome kit’.

I fully expected to see a bunch of blather about the opportunity in the welcome kit. But much to my surprise, there was not a peep about the income opportunity – rather the literature focused on the product and its benefits. It was a refreshing change to be sure.

If anything, there is too much separation of product and opportunity here. I don’t even remember the rep who I bought it from and her name was nowhere to be found among the literature. It would seem they would help her out by posting her contact information in the event that I was interested in the opportunity (which I am not at this time) and wanted to get in touch with her.

But all in all, my experience with TriVita was a good one and I will be putting myself on their autoship to save a few bucks on the product.

Well I finally finished my eBook. I never knew a 30 page free report could take so long but I just had to work on it as I had time. A little at a time. That goes to show you that even if you just work on something a little at a time, it will eventually get finished!

It’s titled: “How to Select the Perfect Network Marketing Company (and Avoid the Stinkers)“. If you are lost in the sea of network marketing companies and wish to get a formula to size them up, then please feel free to download my report. Free of course, of I already said that. Here are some things inside:

– Case studies of 4 Failed Network Marketing Companies

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– How to avoid the bad apples

– How to “due diligence” a network marketing opportunity

.. and more! Now that I have finished that project I can move on to other things. How great it is to finish something that has been on my list for longer than I care to admit! This is a company independent report (it does not try to sell you on anything although it does have business links on my bio page in the back). You can download it at the link below:

How to Select the Perfect Network Marketing Company